Maharashtra Medical Council is pleased to grant you Four CME credit points for delegates participating in CME - TYACON 2017 scheduled on 02/09/2017-03/09/2017   Abstract Submission will start from 1st June 2017. Last date of submission of abstracts will be 7th August 2017  

Sixth National Conference On Teenage and Young Adult Cancers

2nd - 3rd September, 2017

Rustom Choksi Auditorium
Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

TYACON 2017 

6th National Conference of Teenage and Young Adult Cancers

In the Maximum city of Mumbai, TYACON 2017 promises to be the voice of this wonderful group of people, who are too old to be called Kids, and yet, too young to be given up on, as Adults!

Growing in strength and in numbers, over the last 6 years, the movement of acknowledging the need to address this “special” group of individuals is the theme of TYACON 2017.

Besides the fact that Teenage and Young Adults are more likely to be diagnosed with certain cancers, (such as Sarcoma, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Brain tumour and certain other cancers) it is of paramount importance to understand them as individuals first and then as cancer patients.

At present not a single institute/centre, in India, specifically focuses and caters to TYA population and their issues and TYACON 2017 aims not only to highlight the existent hard facts, but also provide answers to many unsolved questions and pave a road map for establishment of TYA care in India.

For the first time in history of TYACONs, the young adult patients, their caregivers, the young adult survivors AND the youth of the society will partner in this effort to define their concerns, fight their fears and show us the way a young adult should be treated. In their voice, by the means that they decide and at conditions that they impose.

TYACON 2017 is an attempt to understand the Journey of a Young Adult Cancer patient – right from diagnosis, to treatment, rehabilitation, integration back and transformation into productively contributing members of society.

The conference, over a period of two days, will primarily address the following

1.  Documentation of the TYA cancer burden in India

2.  Release of position statements for policy makers and health regulators

3.  Armed forces perspective – Disciplined Cancer Data

4.  Resources for TYA cancer patients – Existing and those that NEED to Exist

5.  Journey in the life of a TYA Cancer patient – Voice of TYA patients, TYA caregivers, TYA survivors and TYA of the society

6.  Road map to establishment of TYA Care units in India